Online Course: Electricity Check and Fault Finding

Get a handle on the various pitfalls when buying a used boat and learn to check the electrical system on board

This course focuses on a check of the boat’s electrical and electronics system. Among other things, you’ll learn about:


What you need to be aware of when buying a used boat


How the electronics on board are examined


Troubleshooting the electrical system


Autopilot setup


How to check the electrical system before a new season


  • Online video course 
  • 105 minute video lesson
  • Theory, examples and in-action videos
  • Can be viewed on computer, tablet and mobile
  • 3 years unlimited access to the videos
  • 6-page e-book and slides for download
  • Admission as soon as the course is paid
  • Technical support via email
  • Personal certificate

Electricity Check and Fault Finding


This course is about how to examine the electronics on board, especially before buying a boat. 


Besides, various aspects of autopilot troubleshooting and setup are reviewed.


Many things can be checked in connection with the purchase of a used boat. The course explains where to pay special attention. It can be things like:

  • Has there been water in the boat?
  • Batteries – what is the voltage after standing ½-1 hour without charging?
  • What age and condition do the autopilot, plotter, and other instruments have?
  • What does it look like behind the switchboard?
  • How are the cables and wires around the boat in general?
  • What is the condition of pumps?

Your Teacher

Lars Doktor Kristensen

With more than 20 years of experience in electricity and electrical equipment on everything from small pleasure boats to luxury yachts and large container ships through his own business, Lars knows what he is talking about.

Throughout the years, Lars has hosted several events in boat clubs in North Zealand. Therefore, he knows what type of knowledge is needed among sailors.

As a certified instructor, Lars is the perfect conveyer. His aim is to spread awareness of electrical safety across the world.