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Thursday 18 November at 18 GMT / 19 CET

Our live online webinar focuses on electrical safety both while sailing and in port. The webinar covers all the basics about the electrical system on board and gives you tools to review the electrical system yourself and ensure optimal electrical safety.

Including live Q&A session!

It is free to join.

Ramiro and Blanca

We just finished watching your tutorial. We think it is brilliant and we have increased our knowledge on marine electrics.
Thank you very much.


In my opinion Lars struck an excellent balance with his teaching of the course.  It was interesting and informative for me as an engineer and I also believe it gives a good introduction and insight for the boat owner, into their boat systems and how to keep them working safely and in good condition.  


Many thanks for the Webinair, very informative


Excellent Lars. A great programme. Learned a lot in those 3 hours. Really great.


Many thanks. A useful review of electrical issues.

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