Online Course: Galvanic Current and Grounding

Get a handle on the electrochemical voltage range and why corrosion occurs

This course focus on galvanic corrosion and ground plane. Among other things, you’ll learn about:


The electrochemical voltage range


Why galvanic current occurs


Prevention of corrosion


The function and necessity of the ground plane


Ground plane installation


  • Online video course 
  • 105 minute video lesson
  • Theory, examples and in-action videos
  • Can be viewed on computer, tablet and mobile
  • 3 years unlimited access to the videos
  • 2 e-books with a total of 9 pages and slides for download
  • Admission as soon as the course is paid
  • Technical support via email
  • Personal certificate

Galvanic Current and Grounding


In this course, you will learn about galvanic corrosion and grounding. 


When two different metals are placed in a liquid that can conduct a current (a so-called electrolyte), a current will be drawn, which causes one metal to be destroyed. Saltwater could, for example, be such an electrolyte, and it can therefore cause corrosion in the boat. 


The corrosion is due to the electrochemical voltage range reviewed in the course. It also covers how galvanic current occurs.


The course also shows how to measure whether a galvanic current is flowing (and whether there is corrosion). Prevention of corrosion with corrosion zinc is also addressed, including its function, location, treatment, and grinding.


In addition to the galvanic current, grounding and ground plane are also reviewed in this course. Some types of equipment require grounding to function correctly. For example, radar and MF/HF radio. The function and necessity of the ground plane are reviewed and how it is connected and mounted correctly.

Your Teacher

Lars Doktor Kristensen

With more than 20 years of experience in electricity and electrical equipment on everything from small pleasure boats to luxury yachts and large container ships through his own business, Lars knows what he is talking about.

Throughout the years, Lars has hosted several events in boat clubs in North Zealand. Therefore, he knows what type of knowledge is needed among sailors.

As a certified instructor, Lars is the perfect conveyer. His aim is to spread awareness of electrical safety across the world.