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Get better knowledge, understanding and an overview of the electrical system onboard

Even when you do not have any prior experience with electricity

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Our live online webinar focuses on electrical safety, both during sailing and in the harbour. The webinar covers all the basics about electrical systems aboard and provides you with tools to go through the electrical system yourself and ensure optimal safety.

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Not sure if it is something for you?

Can you recognize the following?

The sailing season has finally begun, and the first sailing trip has been planned, but the boat won’t start

The boat is unpacked after the winter season, only for you to realize that the batteries are dead (again!)

You prefer to enjoy an effortless sailing trip on a nice and sunny day, but every time you get the boat in the water, something new always fails

It has been a great and perfect day at sea, but when you return to the harbour, the motor won’t start

The boat is connected to a power source at shore, with the expectation of fully charged batteries, but after a few hours, the batteries are as dead as before

You would like to add new electrical equipment but have no overview of where it is best to plug in the cords (and end up connecting them straight to the battery)

It doesn’t have to be that way!

The webinar will teach you:


What to be particularly aware of with a 12V system

How you can (quite simply) optimize electrical safety onboard your boat

When and how to go through the electrical system to avoid unfortunate situations

You’ll also learn:


How to maintain the batteries to make them last for several years

What to be particularly aware of when you are installing new electrical equipment

Top 6


Of what you’ll get from participating

in the webinar on electrical safety

A deeper insight into the electrical system onboard

 and knowledge of the 12V system in the boat versus 230V at home

The overview and courage to go through the electrical system yourself

even if you are a complete beginner within electricity

The tools to optimize electrical safety

and checking whether the electrical system around the battery functions properly

Knowledge on how to maintain the boat’s batteries

so they start every time and keep going for many years

Knowledge on what to be aware of when installing new equipment

so that it is done safely and responsibly

Answers to your questions

so you are ready to take control over the electrical system onboard

More than 2000 enthusiastic boat owners have participated in the webinar on electrical safety.

See what some of them have to say:

In my opinion Lars struck an excellent balance with his teaching of the course.  
It was interesting and informative for me as an engineer and I also believe it gives a good introduction and insight for the boat owner, into their boat systems and how to keep them working safely and in good condition

Participant, may 2021

We just finished watching your tutorial. We think it is brilliant and we have increased our knowledge on marine electrics.
Thank you very much.
Ramiro & Blanca

Participants, february 2021

Excellent Lars. A great programme. Learned a lot in those 3 hours. Really great 🤓🤓🤓Many thanks.

Participant, January 2021

Who can participate in the webinar on electrical safety?

The webinar is for ALL boat owners, yachtsmen and others that want to understand, explore and improve the electrical system aboard

It is for you who:

Are in doubt of the state of your electrical system

Want to DIY but need more knowledge

Are completely green and want to understand the electrical system onboard

Want to install new equipment yourself but don’t know where to start

After the webinar, you will:

Have a basic understanding of the boat’s primary electrical system

Know what to be aware of to limit fire hazards

Be able to do a basic troubleshooting if something is not working

Be able to avoid some of the simplest (and often fatal) mistakes concerning the electrical system


Lars will take you through the webinar on electrical safety


With more than 20 years of experience in electricity and electrical equipment on everything from small pleasure boats to luxury yachts and large container ships through his own business, Lars knows what he is talking about.

Throughout the years, Lars has hosted several events in boat clubs in North Zealand. Therefore, he knows what type of knowledge is needed among sailors.

As a certified instructor, Lars is the perfect conveyer. His aim is to spread awareness of electrical safety across the world.

Read Lars’ story here


And best of all…

It is completely free to participate

Where, When, and How?


The webinar is hosted online, where we are streaming live.

You can follow along from your:

Computer, tablet or smartphone.


The webinar takes place on:

Sunday, 30 March 2023, 18.00 CEST


The webinar lasts approx. 1 hour.

If you want to join the following Q&A session, we recommend setting aside 2 hours.

Then we also promise that you will feel ready to go through your own electrical system onboard the boat.


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After registering, you will receive an e-mail, with a

Confirmation of your registration

You will also receive a free e-book so you can get started straight away.

Before the webinar takes place, you will receive a link to our live stream, which takes place through Vimeo.

If you do not receive an e-mail shortly after registering, remember to check your spam folder. If there is still no e-mail, feel free to contact us on