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Get control of your batteries

Every year some boats suddenly catch fire, and within a few minutes, the boat is either burnt out or lying on the bottom. Often, fire, explosion, or melting of wires is mainly due to problems around the batteries.

This webinar focuses on the conditions and safety of the boat’s batteries. We often find that many sailors want to know how the circuit breaker, batteries, battery bank, shore power, and charging work. It is beneficial knowledge that both ensures that you can maintain the boat’s electrical system correctly and troubleshoot and resolve issues if they occur while sailing. There is nothing more annoying than having a perfect day on the water wasted by flat batteries.

The batteries last longer when they are properly maintained, saving you technical bills and new expensive equipment.

In this webinar you will get:

Tools for how you can check whether the power system around the batteries is in order

Guide to how the batteries are maintained, for them to last for many years

Knowledge about where to be careful to minimize the risk of fire in the electrical system

Insight into how the electrical system around batteries, generator, and charger works

Opportunity to get answers to questions about power and electronics on your boat

Get in control

Learn about precautions and safety around the batteries in your boat and get rid of nervousness about lack of power, fire, or meltdown

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Your teacher

Lars Doktor Kristensen

Lars was born in Aalborg and grew up in the most northern part of Denmark. His career started as an electronics mechanic in the Air Force in 1974. Initially with Radio and navigation systems, later with Radar. In the early 1980s, he was involved in a problem with navigation equipment from Shipmate. This led to a job offer, and a few days later, he was out of the Air Force to start a job in Shipmate’s VHF communications department.

After a couple of years, he spent one and half years on the school bench at Aarhus Technical School for further education as an electronics technician. One month before finishing, he landed the dream job in the microwave development department at Elektronikcentralen in Hørsholm.

With some shifts along the way, including a position at LEICA (AP Navigator), he decided in 2003 to start as a freelancer in boat electronics. Since then, many hundreds of boats have been serviced, ranging from small boats to large cruise ships.

For several years Lars has given lectures in sailing clubs on electricity and electronics throughout Denmark. The purpose of this online webinar is that more boat owners gain more knowledge and know where to look when they change the electrical system. A mistake can have significant consequences and be a danger to themselves and the family. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of this.

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