Become an expert in your boat electrics with our expansion pack

Course Bundle: Expansion | 6 courses

Our course bundle provides you with a thorough understanding of the boat’s electrical system and its individual components, as well as the tools and techniques required to prevent and troubleshoot errors. You will also learn about grounding and corrosion, VHF and MF/HF radios, satellite communication and internet, as well as troubleshooting when buying and selling a boat.


The bundle includes the following courses:

1: Network, 2: Galvanic Current and Grounding, 3: VHF radio, 4: MF/HF radio and Emergency Equipment, 5: Satellite, internet, and PC, 6: Electricity check and faultfinding


The courses in the expansion bundle are for you who want to gain a better understanding of the boat’s expanded electrical system, improve your troubleshooting and maintenance skills, and explore new equipment and communication options at sea.

The course bundle covers the following topics to enhance your knowledge and skills:

  • Building and troubleshooting the internal network, as well as setting up and configuring data interaction.
  • Understanding why galvanic corrosion occurs and how to prevent it.
  • Knowledge of communication options and emergency equipment at sea, as well as installation and troubleshooting of the system.
  • Understanding how satellite communication works and exploring the available options.
  • Assistance in reviewing and troubleshooting the electrical system, for example, when buying or selling a boat.

This is how it works:


  • The 6 courses primarily consist of videos where Lars guides you through the different topics with both theory, practical examples, and relevant video clips from real installations.
  • You can fast forward and rewind in the videos, pause them, and watch them as many times as you want.
  • All videos are supplemented with downloadable slides, and each topic also has an associated e-book with the key points.
  • You have immediate access to all materials and can get started whenever it suits you.

The teaching is divided into 6 topics:


Get the equipment to communicate: Setup, data exchange, and troubleshooting.

Galvanic Current and Grounding

Avoid corrosion: Understand the electrochemical voltage series and the cause of corrosion.

VHF radio

The VHF radio is your safety at sea: Learn about setup, installation, and troubleshooting.

MF/HF Radio and Emergency Equipment

Choose the right emergency equipment: Communication and distress signals when you are far at sea.

Satellite, Internet and PC

Learn about the possibility of communication via satellite and get internet on board.

Electricity Check and Faultfinding

Avoid the worst pitfalls: Learn to check the onboard electrical system.