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Step up the elecrical safety onboard your boat and learn how to maintain and upgrade your electrical systems in a safe way


Step Up Your Electrical Safety


Do you want to get in control of your boat electronics?

Do you want to learn how to maintain the electrical systems in a safe way?

Du you want to stop worrying about power failures, melt downs or even fires?

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Who We Are

My Boat Electronics is run by Lars in collaboration with his family.

We have emerged as an extension to many years of electronics servicing on many hundreds of different boats and boat types. Moreover, Lars has held numerous of local lectures on that same topic via the company Prokyon.

Now is the desire to reach out to boaters with more knowledge about how care should be taken when changing the power system. One mistake can have major consequences and endanger boat owners themselves and other people on board, which not many realize.

Myboatelectronics.com will primarily be a platform for online education in electricity and electronics on board the boats.

Get Control of Your Boat Electronics

With Our In-Depth Course Series

Wee offer a course bundle of 9 individual courses with subjects concerning different aspects of boat electronics.

The course bundle covers:

  • Batteries
  • Chargers
  • The switchboard
  • Power Sources, including solar panels and wind turbines
  • Low speed and high speed network
  • Galvanic current and the electrochemical  voltage series
  • Grounding
  • VHF Radio, antennas, and cables
  • MF/HF Radio
  • Emergency Equipment
  • Satellite Phone
  • Internet and PC
  • Electricity check
  • Fault Finding

Each course consist of one or more video lectures with a total of 90-120 minutes per course, and a short e-book covering each subject.

How You Get Acces

Each course will be released one week apart, starting on Sunday, 4 April. After the release you will have full acces to the course including written material.

When you sign up for the course series you will get a personal profile on our website. You will have acces to the courses via your personal account.

Stay Tuned

And Read More About Each Course Below


What You Get

9 in-depth courses
video lectures and written material
Answer to your questions via email support
Acces to a monthly Q&A session
A personal course certificate

The Course Bundle



9 individual in-depth courses in boat electronics


90-120 minutes video lecture for each course


Written material for all subjects


A monthly Q&A session - all questions are welcome


Personal course certificate when completing a course

Read more about each course below and find out when they are released

Batteries and Charger

Batteries and Charging

This course is about the different battery types, starting current, consumption current and power to the bow thruster. In addition, placement of batteries and choice of charger.


The Switchboard

This course is about the switchboard and its connections. It includes power consumption and voltage drop in cables. Examples of different boards are displayed.

Power Sources

Power Sources

This course deals with 230 V on the boat, including shore power, as well as solar panels and wind generator. In addition, security around ordinary use and work with shore power.



This course covers low speed networks: NMEA0183, NMEA2000, Seatalk NG and Simnet. The course is also about high-speed networking: LAN and wireless networking.

Galvanic Current and Earth Plane

Galvanic Current and Grounding

The course is about galvanic corrosion and what this means for the boats. Various metals and electrolytes can cause corrosion in the boat.

VHF Radio, Antennae, and Cables

VHF Radio, Antennas, and Cables

This course focuses on VHF radio and VHF antennas. In addition, radio frequencies the propagation of radio waves around the earth.

MF/HF Radio and Emergency Equipment

MF/HF Radio and Emergency Equipment

This course focuses on medium wave (MF) and short wave (HF) radio, SSB and DSC. The range and use of the various radio systems are reviewed.

Satellite Phone, Internet, PC, and Radar

Satellite Communication, Internet, PC, and Radar

This course covers various satellite-related systems. It includes satellite phone and Iridium communications and how a PC-based system can be used.

Electricity Check and Faultfinding

Electricity Check and Faultfinding

This course is about how to examine the electronics on board, especially before buying a boat. In addition, various aspects of autopilot troubleshooting and setup are also reviewed.

The first course is released in








Get control of the electronics on board your boat. Learn about safety and conditions around the electrical installations.Follow us on social media for information, inspiration, tips and advice.

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