Free webinar: Introduction to the Electrical System

Get better knowledge, understanding and an overview of the electrical system onboard

Even when you do not have any prior experience with electricity

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This webinar is an introduction to the electrical system on board. The webinar covers all the basics about the electrical system and gives you an understanding of how the electrical system is connected in the most optimal way and how it is best maintained.

Live online webinar


This is what you’ll learn about

  • Introduction to current, voltage and power
  • Setup and design of a 12V system
  • The different types of batteries and how they are best maintained
  • Types of chargers and how to charge optimally
  • Choice of cable lengths and thicknesses as well as cable lugs and main switch
  • Installation of fuses as well as the different types and selection of the right size

This is what you’ll gain


A deeper insight into the electrical system onboard

and knowledge of the 12V system in the boat versus 230V at home


The overview and courage to go through the electrical system yourself

even if you are a complete beginner within electricity


The tools to optimize setup and design

and checking whether the electrical system around the battery functions properly 


Knowledge on how to maintain the boat’s batteries

so they start every time and keep going for many years 


Control of charger and charging

so you can charge most efficiently and avoid flat batteries


Answers to your questions

so you are ready to take control over the electrical system onboard 

More than 2000 enthusiastic boat owners have participated in the webinar on electrical safety

This is what some of them gained from participating:


A better overal-understanding of the system, sizes of fuses and prevention of fire with cable areas


I realised that a 12v battery is not as safe as it might seem


The importance of good connections


Lots! Got correction and confirming previous knowledge, in addition to new knowledge. Wire dimensioning and termination, safety aspects in general of 12 V system, etc.. Also, the Q&A session was useful and provided lots of good learnings.


How easily electrical wires can start burning if your not careful. I’m going to check all wires and fuses. Probably I need to change some wires and get some more fuses


Respect for low voltage systems

The webinar is for you who:

  • Is in doubt about the condition of your electrical system
  • Would like to do it yourself but need more knowledge
  • Is a complete beginner and would like to learn to understand the electrical system on board
  • Want to change or expand the setup but do not know where to start
  • Will be better at maintaining the electrical system so you avoid power failures and expensive replacements before time

After the webinar you will:

  • Have a good knowledge of the boat’s primary electrical system
  • Know what a good setup looks like
  • Be able to do simple troubleshooting if something does not work
  • Be able to avoid making some of the simplest (often fatal) mistakes around the electrical system
  • Be well dressed to change or expand in your electrical system

Lars is your experienced teacher


With more than 20 years of experience in electricity and electrical equipment on everything from small pleasure boats to luxury yachts and large container ships through his own business, Lars knows what he is talking about.

Throughout the years, Lars has hosted several events in boat clubs in North Zealand. Therefore, he knows what type of knowledge is needed among sailors.

As a certified instructor, Lars is the perfect conveyer. His aim is to spread awareness of electrical safety across the world.

Read Lars’ story here

This is what former participants thinks of Lars as a teacher


He’s great at simplifying the concepts


Very clear. Easy to understand and clearly very knowledgable.


Very clear, concise delivery. A wealth of knowledge and was able to explain to all abilities

And best of all!

It is completely free to participate

Where, When, and How?


The webinar is hosted online, where we are streaming live.

You can follow along from your:

Computer, tablet or smartphone.



The webinar takes place on:

Wednesday, 22 March 2023, 19.30 CET


The webinar lasts approx. 1 hour.

If you want to join the following Q&A session, we recommend setting aside 2 hours.

Then we also promise that you will feel ready to go through your own electrical system onboard the boat.



After registering, you will receive an e-mail, with a

Confirmation of your registration

Before the webinar takes place, you will receive a link to our live stream, which takes place through Vimeo.

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