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This course is a part of a package deal of nine courses in electricity and electronics onboard. 

 This course focuses on VHF radio and VHF antennas. The VHF radio’s overall function as a safety device is reviewed, including Digital Selective Calling (DCS). 

The course also explains how a VHF radio is maintained, where it can be used, and VHF’s requirements on leisure boats.

In the antenna part, the course goes in-depth with VHF antennas, antenna cables, 50 ohms vs. 75 ohms, losses in these, and how the associated connectors are mounted on the cable. 

The course covers how to choose the right antenna and the suitable cable, including how to adapt the cable. 

Also, losses in antenna cables, some theories of standing wave conditions, and the radio waves range are reviewed. 

Finally, an example of troubleshooting a VHF system with AIS is also given.